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        2. N?tverket f?r ansk-svensk aff?rsutveckling

          Kommande Event + Agenda


          11:30 - 13:00

          The Company of Tomorrow Vol 2 - Co-working between Social & Artificial Intelligence

          The Company of Tomorrow Vol 2 – Co-working between Social & Artificial Intelligence

          Webinar: 27th of January 11:30-13:00

          New technologies will bring new applications to the workplace, change the way we work and where humans added value is key. How can robots and humans collaborate? What are the opportunities and challenges? What are the legal and ethical aspects to debate? Could the technological revolution demand more workplace agility and what will be the inastructure and applications companies need to invest in? The co-working between robots and humans is a fantastic but challenging opportunity that will question companies and employee’s way of working. How can We tackle this om People, Environment and Technology perspectives?

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          08:15 - 10:15

          Comité RH

          Webiar: 28th of January , 8:15-10h15

          Topic: How do We work with different levels to gain resilience

          Reserved for Premium Members

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          14:00 - 15:00

          Webinar 2 février à 14h00 - Quelle hygiène numérique sur votre ordinateur?

          Vous en avez marre de recevoir de la publicité gratuite sur votre ordinateur, d’être à la merci de logiciels malveillants ou d’attaques?

          Notre membre premium Wojo, invite les membres CCSF à participer au webinar mardi le 2 février 2021 à 14:00 avec Abdelazziz TALEB, Cyber-expert, RSSI pour apprendre comment se protéger par une bonne hygiène numérique. Le webinar est modéré par Isabelle Landreau, avocat, Délégué à la Protection des Données (DPD), Smart Law Fabrik

          Pour vous inscrire, c’est via ce lien: INSCRIPTION

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          11:45 - 12:45

          Webinar 9 mars 11h45 – 12h45- Best Practice for AI tools in Intellectual Property

          Best Practice for AI tools in Intellectual Property

          Case studies on best practice for AI tools in IP. There are many new attempts to improve innovation by using AI tools. How could such a case look like in a real life example ? Join in this online session where both a small startup as well as a large corporate will share their experience on using a AI to boost innovation. The main focus is on assisted decisions and better structured ideations review processes.

          Organised by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in ance, Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK, Swedish Chamber of Commerce for Holland, German Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with IPScreener.

          Registration link coming soon.

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          Photo: © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : David Leanc



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